Our story

Morrow was started with the ambitious plan to transform eyewear for the good and for the better, so we can all enjoy a higher level of visual comfort.

Once past forty, we can no longer focus at near distance.

We catch ourselves looking above and below our glasses. Alternatively, we buy a pair of multifocals and narrow our field of view.

Every day amazing technology pushes us forward. But it has yet to transform eyewear.

Deeply-rooted in nano-technology

Jelle De Smet, CTO and Paul Marchal, CEO met while working at imec, a leading technology center in Belgium. Jelle had developed a tunable contact lens technology, which charmed Paul on the spot. After a few discussions, they decided though to first apply the concept to eyeglasses. This led to the invention of Autofocals. 

To bring this innovation to the market, Paul and Jelle founded Morrow in 2016. The company is currently backed by New Science Ventures, imec.Xpand, Tokai Optecs, PMV and QBIC. 

imec and Tokai also support the development of Morrow's technology.