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Morrow was started with the ambitious plan to transform eyewear for the good and for the better, so we can all enjoy a higher level of visual comfort.
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It takes a professional to design Autofocals

Eyeglasses are very personal. It takes a professional to tailor them. This is even more so for Autofocals where the active lens-in-foil offers greater design freedom. 

That is why we are looking today for partners, equally enthusiastic in discovering the opportunities of this technology, to distribute our first limited edition of autofocal sunglasses later this year.

What you can expect from us

A partner providing you with  the latest eyeglass innovations to deliver unprecedented visual comfort for your customer. 

A partner ready to support you in marketing and retailing the solution, in and out of store.

A partner with a positive can-do attitude, embracing open innovation, and always ready to think out-of-the box. 

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